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Many people in the UK would love the opportunity of building their own home, if you are thinking of creating your own grand design, building a house or have found a plot of land available for purchase our self-build mortgage brokers can help arrange the funding for your project.

Whether you are considering your own dream home or a timber frame kit house, they will be able to provide information on the self-build mortgage process, including details of survey fees and lenders fees along with the legal cost involved. Funding is possible to put in place on a building plot and then funds for the self-build are generally released in stages as the property is being developed to enable you to fund the project during the build.

For those looking to build their own homes, a the self-build route is the perfect solution. These types of mortgages are specifically tailored for those who wish to construct their own properties and come in two main forms - an arrears self build mortgage and an advance self-build mortgage. The former requires you to pay upfront costs before receiving funds from your lender, whereas the latter provides funds in advance for each stage of construction. There are many reasons why one might opt for a self-build mortgage including the ability to create a home that is uniquely suited to individual needs and preferences.

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Applying for a self-build mortgage involves several stages such as obtaining planning permission, securing land and working with builders or architects throughout the process. The self-build application process begins with finding suitable land followed by preparing designs and drawings which will be used during planning applications before seeking advice from financial advisers on how much funding will be required. Costs involved include buying land, paying fees like architect’s fees, building materials, labour costs etc., making it essential that you seek professional help when choosing your loan options.

Mortgage advisers can provide invaluable assistance in navigating various aspects of applying for a self-build mortgage including understanding eligibility criteria set forth by lenders as well as helping find lower interest rates and favourable terms so borrowers can save money over time while also being able to afford repayments more easily.

This professional guidance ensures that applicants have access to all pertinent information related not only about types of loans available but also about other important factors like budget.

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