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A remortgage is a financial solution that allows individuals to refinance their existing mortgage by switching to a new lender or product. There are several types of remortgages available, such as fixed-rate, variable-rate and tracker mortgages. People may choose to remortgage for various reasons including wanting to reduce monthly repayments, release equity in their property or switch from an interest-only mortgage to a repayment one. The stages involved in applying for a remortgage include researching the market, seeking professional advice, completing an application form and undergoing credit checks with the new lender.

The process varies between lenders but typically involves providing information on income and outgoings as well as details about the property being mortgaged. Timescales involved can vary depending on the complexity of individual cases but can range from weeks to months. Core costs involved in remortgaging include arrangement fees, valuation fees and legal fees while other associated costs may be incurred depending on individual circumstances such as early repayment charges or exit fees from existing mortgages.

Remortgage enquiry

You may also be able to raise additional borrowing to consolidate loans or raise a deposit for a buy to let property or further advance for home improvements.

Seeking help from independent mortgage advisers is important when considering whether or not to remortgage because they can provide expert advice tailored specifically towards individual needs which could ultimately save money over time through finding more competitive deals on offer than going it alone without any support whatsoever.

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Finding the best Mortgage Advisers in your area is easy. Whether you're looking for buy to let mortgage, a residential mortgage, remortgage, or a commercial loan just enter your location (postcode or town/city) in the field and answer a few simple questions, then sit back & relax. Let the finder do all the legwork to put you in touch with great independent mortgage advisers near you who specialise in the buy to let sector within a few minutes!


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Find the Best Rates from Local Mortgage Advisers!
Finding the best mortgage advisers in your area is easy. Whether you're looking for buy to let, a residential mortgage, or a commercial loan, just enter your location into the form and answer a few questions. Then sit back and let the backend system do all the legwork to put you in touch with independent mortgage advisers near you!

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