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A bridging loan is a type of short-term loan that can be used to finance the purchase of property when there is a gap between the sale and completion dates. There are two types of bridging loans: open and closed. Open bridging loans do not require a specific repayment date, while closed bridging loans have an agreed-upon repayment date. The primary reason for getting a bridging loan is to cover the costs associated with buying or developing property quickly, such as auction purchases or renovations.

If you need a bridging loan, they are normally required quite quickly, you need to check on the availability of a bridging loan first. To do so, please complete the quick enquiry form to receive help and assistance from a bridging loan expert.

Bridging loans can be used when moving house where the dates in the buying and selling of homes are cannot to be arranged on the same day, and there is an overlap where you need ownership of both properties at the same time. This is usually for a very short period of time. Bridging loans can also be used in other areas such as buying property at auction, self-build projects, or even for things such as paying off bankruptcy liabilities and IVA settlements.

The stages in applying for a bridging loan include obtaining quotes from lenders, submitting an application, providing proof of income and assets, conducting valuations on any collateral being offered as security, completing legal paperwork and agreeing to terms.

The process for applying for a bridging loan involves finding potential lenders through online research or mortgage advisers before filling out applications with personal financial information including credit rating scores etc., once you find your chosen lender then they will carry out their own checks based on your requirements before offering various options – which may include fees (such as arrangement fees) - along with rates depending upon how much you need borrowing/term length then receiving funds if approved after finalising contracts all parties involved.

Overall costs involving taking out this type of finance vary greatly but can typically involve interest payments plus fees covering things like valuation charges alongside administrative costs; therefore, seeking professional help via an experienced mortgage adviser might prove beneficial by helping to navigate this complex area so you receive appropriate advice tailored around individual circumstances.

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Find the Best Rates from Local Mortgage Advisers!
Finding the best mortgage advisers in your area is easy. Whether you're looking for buy to let, a residential mortgage, or a commercial loan, just enter your location into the form and answer a few questions. Then sit back and let the backend system do all the legwork to put you in touch with independent mortgage advisers near you!

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